Anastasia Beverly Hills; Glow kits

I thought i’d kick start the beauty segment of my blog by mentioning some of the best investments I have made this year. This being the ABH glow kits. Anastasia claimed for this product to be a “metallic powder highlighters for intense luminosity” with also a dual purpose allowing the 4 shades to be used as both a highlight as well as an eyeshadow.

Not only is the packaging  a luxury in itself, the quality of the highlighters are just as high quality. At a reasonable £39 per palette, I decided to aid my makeup and shopping addiction by buying 3 of the popular kits. For those living in the UK who are finding it difficult to locate this product, i bought mine from Cult Beauty.


The first purchased kit was the ‘Gleam Glow Kit’, this kit is more specific to more pale skin tones which suited me perfectly.



It includes the 4 shades;

  •  Hard Candy
  • Mimosa
  • Crushed Pearl
  • Starburst

Firstly, the Hard Candy has been described as a golden peach with pink pearl with pearlescent particles. It’s colour is a light-medium, yellowed peach with an iridescent peachy pink tone with a soft, frosted finish.

Secondly, Mimosa a radiant golden peachy colour. Mimosa is a medium gold with a brown toned shimmer and a pearly sheen finish. The pigmentation was very intense, almost a metallic. Because of my pale tone this colour acted more as a 2 in 1, blush and highlight. However the colour is still beautiful.

Next, Crushed Pearl a glimmering hybrid of pink and silver. This colour is a the lightest in the kit, being a champagne colour with subtle, warm and golden undertones and a metallic finish. In my experience my pores were mostly projected with this colour, however it was still easily blended.

Lastly in the kit, Starburst described as a cool pink. However in my opinion the undertones are more of a warm variety with a light-medium, peachy-pink colouring. The pigment for this colour was rather intense and added a strong sheen to the look.

All the colours from this kit typically last up to 8 hours and aim not to increase or emphasise the appearance of pores, which is a difficulty that I tend to have with most highlighters.

The next palette I purchased was the ‘Sun Dipped Glow Kit’ , this product would suit darker skin tones perfectly however I enjoy using this kit with a dark bronzed look.




This kit includes the 4 shades;

  • Bronzed
  • Summer
  • Moonstone
  • Tourmaline

Firstly, Bronzed. This shade is a little bit too dark for my skin tone, however I love using this with a bronzed look which creates a naturally sun kissed finish. It’s shade is bronze as well as being a little on the copper side, with warm undertones and a penny metal finish.

Secondly, Summer. This colour is a luminous pale golden yellow with a white gold finish. It is perfect for a buildable intense highlight.  It’s perfect for skin tones similar to mine such as a light-medium complexion.

Next, Moonstone. Moonstone is known as a ‘universal’ colour due to being perfect for all skin types. Its colour is a luminous golden beige colour with strong pigment and a pearl finish.

Lastly in the palette, Tourmaline. This is an unusual colour for a typical highlight however it is a beautiful duo for blush and highlight. Its colouring is a cool, rose gold colour with traces of taupe undertones. This colour is a little on the darker side for my skin type however, if going for the rosy cheek look then this colour is perfect for you fellow Caspers!



The last palette in my collection is ‘That Glow Glow Kit’. A lot like the previously stated palette, the colours in this luxurious kit are for more darker skin types but can be blended out to create a summer, sun-kissed look.



This kit includes the 4 shades;

  • Dripping in gold
  • Bubbly
  • Golden Bronze
  • Sunburst

Firstly, Dripping in Gold. This colour is a lavish gold with a strong pigmented, reflective finish. Along with the other colours in this palette they are all perfect for glowy, golden looks.

Secondly in this palette, Bubbly. This stunning colour is a rose champagne highlight finished with a pearlescent finish. This colour in particular is one of my favourites from this palette as it goes perfectly with almost any look.

Next, Golden Bronze. This colour is as described, a warm bronze with golden flecks. Perfect for a subtle holiday no-make up, makeup look! In my experience adding this on top of my bronzer (Typically, Benefit: Hoola) creates a naturally sun kissed finish much like MAC’s ‘Gold Deposit’ highlighter/bronzer.

Lastly, Sunburst. This colour is beautifully bright and luminous gold with a strongly pigmented metallic finish. I love using this just on the tip of my nose to create the appearance of a button nose. Its vibrant colouring is perfect for any going out makeup look because of its bold finish.


All of the listed highlighters have long lasting wear, in my experience its prime wearing time is up to 8 hours! These kits are perfect for skin types like mine who have large pores. These kits are perfect to avoid the amplification of pores and ensure they are kept to a minimum! They are so easy to blend, I strongly recommend any of the listed kits. I’m yet to try the recently released palettes however I’m sure at some point i’ll go even further into my student overdraft and purchase another one!

Much love, Ken x

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