My family are extremely obsessed with holidaying and lounging around in foreign countries which allows me to have the great privilege of travelling around the world.

One of my recent destinations from this year was Italy!

The main base of my trip originated in Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy. It is in the Northern parts of Italy and has numerous surrounding towns around the lake. This wasn’t my first time to Lake Garda as I have previously visited the year before. Not only is it clearly stunning, the food is AMAZING. I can honestly say that I lived the 10 days of my trip living off of pizza along side a large glass of Aperol Spritz!


Luckily our beautiful hotel, Hotel Acquadolce, was by the harbour and allowed us to rent a speed boat on a number or occasions which gave us the option to explore around the lake and see a variety of places. One of which being Sirmione, which admittedly has some of the best ice cream I have ever tasted. Although, parking the boat was a struggle whilst visiting these places as my family and I aren’t the most competent in terms of their boating skills. After giving the front of the boat a slight remodel after the multiple hits it took to the wall, we eventually got the hang of it.

Now, onto the more iconic places, first of the many iconic places we visited, Milan. I would say that I enjoyed every minute of this trip, but that would be a lie. My family and I didn’t do too well on the whole translation front and managed to get on a train that took over an hour more than the original train we had booked, happy times. However, the city itself was all that I’d presumed. Being one of the fashion capitals of the world, i’d anticipated the influx of extremely wealthy and stylish ladies. The walk past some of the most famous branded stores was genuinely painful with the lack of overdraft that I had due to my student life. My stop there wasn’t a long one, more like a quick visit. I had the pleasure of having my very first Sephora experience and I must say it is as euphoric as they claim it is. So much make-up, so little money. Quite an issue. Although I may have indulged just a little bit and treated myself to the makeup forever HD foundation. Whoops.

The trip home was luckily not as much of a disaster as the earlier train and the first class ride back was just what we needed. After lots of shopping, lots of walking, admittedly a little too much drinking, I think we were all ready for a nap!

Next stop on our Italian tour, Verona. I’d already visited here the previous year before but we didn’t really do much a part from enjoy one too many glasses of prosecco. I promise my family and I are not alcoholics, well yet. We did the traditional touristic things such as see the balcony of Juliet, an attraction that is claimed to be the former home of the Capulet family. It features a large gold statue of Juliet outside, along with a large number of letters begging and announcing ‘eternal love’ with their partners.


Again, we didn’t have much time to browse just enjoy the sights and a bite to eat with pizza that I’m literally still dreaming about. A pattern seemed to have formed though on our cases of bad travel as we managed to, yet again, bugger up the tramlines. We managed to get on a train that completely went past our stop at Lake Garda which required us to pay for a half an hour taxi back. As I previously mentioned, my family aren’t the best at personal coordination. We survived though.

Last but by FAR no means least, one of my favourite places i’ve ever visited, Venice. This place cannot genuinely be described until you see it in person. No pictures can do this place justice.

I’m not sure why everyone says Venice smells because I didn’t find this at all. To enter the centre you have to either ride a famous water taxi or water bus to get from the train station or the airport. The buildings along the way and the architecture is so incredible to see in person, definitely one for the bucket list. This time when we visited we walked for a LONG time and found lots of small boutique shops and tourist merchandise stores which is what we spent most of the day doing. The concept of no roads seems unimaginable until you visit. Sometimes the only option from getting from A to B is to get water transport, one of which being a gondola.  A must do activity is 100% a gondola ride. They are on the rather pricey side but so worth it, how they manage to weave in and out of the intricate alleys I will never know. Totally worth the money.


Much like Milan some of the alleys within the centre hold some of the most famous designer brands in the world such as Givenchy and Gucci. They’re difficult to find but so luxurious to observe.


This was just a quick overview of some of the stops along the way, nothing really detailed. As this is one of my first travel posts I just felt like I should test the waters with my recent trip last month.

As I’m so new to this, any likes or comments are extremely appreciated or any criticism of course!

Hope you enjoyed,

Much love,

Ken xx

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