Mexican Memories

Thanks to my better half, I had the pleasure of being treated to a week of sun, beaches and lots and lots of alcohol.


At the end of this summer my partner and I visited Cancún for a week of sun soaking, relaxation. Whilst writing this on a rainy saturday morning I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic for the beautiful scenery and humid temperatures. During the 7 days we stayed there we were able to participate in some of the most crazy and unimaginable experiences.

First on our list of adventures was Xplor, not only was I tricked into this excursion but I was also partly forced. My irrational fear of anything trill seeking would usually put me off this kind of activity and without the encouragement and reassurance of my partner, I would NEVER have done this. Xplor has some of the highest Zip wires over Cancúns tropical forests as well as dirt track riding, water rafting and swimming through caves. This is up there with one of the scariest but best things I’ve ever done and I recommend this to anyone. The zip lines have 2 course options, one for beginners and another for those who aren’t a wuss like myself but as I mentioned, I went with my boyfriend who tricked me into the highest course which I genuinely thought was going to potentially be the death of me. It wasn’t, clearly I survived.


Mexico was amazing for the many trips and experiences that my boyfriend and I were able to share. Another favourite of mine was the releasing of baby turtles on the beach in which myself and the other guests in the hotel happily sent off our own individual turtle and send them on their travels whilst admiring how cute they were. This was apparently typical for the time of year we visited. We also swum amongst the many tropical fish around the beaches near our hotels whilst also admiring the underwater artefacts that have been left from many years ago. Another MUST do in Mexico is Coco Bongo’s and although it did leave me with a very painful 2 day hangover, Coco Bongo’s was by far one of the best nights i’ve ever had. In a night club owned by Jim Carrey, you can imagine the insanity of the entertainment. From impersonators to acrobats, this place literally had it all along with free alcohol and table service. Much of this night is still very vague to myself and my partner but after waking up surrounded by McDonalds and room service from our hotel, we both knew we had a good night.

See you next time,

Much Love, Ken x

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