New Year, New Resolutions!

It’s about that time of year in which we all crack out the ‘New Year, New Me’ clichés and here I am, about to jump on the band waggon. Sorry in advance guys!

2017 for me has been average at best but still has been filled with many amazing memories. However, next year will be one of my most nerve racking year yet as not only am I ageing another year and becoming the big 2 1, I’m also quickly coming towards to end of my Uni experience. Come May, my student loan dependent self will have to sort her life out and officially become an adult. The thought of this is literally sending me on the brink of a nervous breakdown. My theory so far is if I organise my life one step at a time, leaving Manchester, moving back home, finding my future career plans, trying to find my own place and becoming an adult may feel a little bit more easier to deal with. Well that’s the hope anyway but we shall see.

Over the past week of relaxing and over indulging i’ve had time to thing of 5 major New Years resolutions that I hope to stick to, to feel put together for 2018. I feel making resolutions is easy but committing to them will be a whole different ball game. The main 5 I’m aiming for are;

  1. Become more active and exercise at least once a week.
  2. Make sure I always wash my face and brush my teeth every single night- even if highly intoxicated.
  3. Try to post on my blog at least once a week.
  4. Drink 2 litres of water each day.
  5. Try to have a more positive outlook and not be so easily irritated by people.

Lets see how well this will last!

Are any of you guys thinking of making New Years resolutions? If so, what are they?

Until next year,

Love Ken Xx

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4 thoughts on “New Year, New Resolutions!

  1. nataliesalchemy says:

    haha, I laughed when you mentioned that you should even brush and floss when intoxicated. I’m sure if you had a buzz you’d be good. But, if it was me who was highly intoxicated, I’d just go to sleep. These are fantastic goals, so I don’t know why you’re hating on them! These are necessary for self care ❤

    Natalie |


    • kennydeeee says:

      When I’ve had a couple of cocktails too many I can manage taking off half my face but usually still end up in the same clothes and can’t physically make it to the bathroom to brush my teeth so thought it’d be a good one 😂 Thank you my lovely, you’re so sweet ❤️


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