Makeup Look Using Violet Voss – Holy Grail Palette!

Hey guys, Finally got some time to play around with my new Violet Voss palette. I've been dying to use it but i've had so many assignments and deadlines that I haven't had time to wear makeup at all. The look i've come up with isn't my usual cup of tea but I thought the … Continue reading Makeup Look Using Violet Voss – Holy Grail Palette!

Recent Makeup Purchases!

Hey guys! With the weather in the UK being so cold and miserable at the moment, its definitely becoming a problem on my bank balance. I've got into a current habit of just binge watching friends surrounded by endless numbers of blankets and doing a good old online shop. The past couple of weeks I … Continue reading Recent Makeup Purchases!

Uni Lookbook!

Hey guys! This weeks post is going to be about what I typically wear in a week of uni. My style is generally very casual and comfy, especially for university. As I have 9 am classes twice a week, I often literally just throw on the warmest and cosiest outfit I can find and any … Continue reading Uni Lookbook!

Thailand Travels

Hey guys, Thought i'd hit you up with a quick throwback to a Thailand trip I took last year. My family are actually over there now whilst the weather where I am right now is miserable so this little throwback Thursday segment has come just in time of a pick me up. Thailand is such … Continue reading Thailand Travels