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Hey guys,

Thought i’d hit you up with a quick throwback to a Thailand trip I took last year. My family are actually over there now whilst the weather where I am right now is miserable so this little throwback Thursday segment has come just in time of a pick me up.

Thailand is such a lovely place to visit and i’m pretty sure each trip is different. This was DSC_0706my second time visiting. The first time we visited we flew directly into Phuket which is such a cute little place! Whereas this time we flew into Bangkok for a few days and later stayed in a place called Karon. Whilst we’ve stayed in Thailand we like to base in one place and travel the area a little bit as we get to know the towns a little bit more each time.




Without a doubt my favourite place to visit was the Phi Phi Islands. Not only is the view second to none, but the build up of its shack shops and side street bars make this a great place to stroll and have a bit chill time in a bar playing connect four. If you have never been before i’d highly recommend


Phi Phi is a group of six islands. There are two main islands Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh.  Phi Phi Don is the larger of the two and attracts hundreds of visitors to its amazing shores. Phi Phi Leh remains uninhabited but is used as an attraction to vacationers. It includes the world-famous Maya Bay, which was the set for Leonardo Di Caprio in the film The Beach.


DSC_0848Many of the trips to these Islands let you stop of at various spots on the trip there. One of which was monkey beach. Visiting here was one of the most insane experiences, not only because one of them attacked my brother, but because theres so many baby monkeys it’s literally impossible not to be happy.


What trips have you guys got planned for 2018?

Much Love,

Ken Xx

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21 thoughts on “Thailand Travels

    • kennydeeee says:

      For some reason this was put in my spam comments but thank you so much, you’re so sweet! It really is. If you ever get the chance to go you deffo should!! Xx


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  1. Lamia says:

    Love your pics! My fiance and I are getting married this year and our bucket list honeymoon is Thailand. Thanks for sharing. I may be reaching out again. Stunning!


    • kennydeeee says:

      Congratulations! It’s Deffo worth going there together, you’d love it. Thanks my lovely, the pictures don’t actually even do it justice☺️ Please feel free to reach out! Xx


    • kennydeeee says:

      It’s ok angel! I know right, they are so adorable☺️ 100% somewhere you need to visit. Thanks for reading my lovely X


  2. mixedbaggweb says:

    This certainly seems like a great place to visit, and I’ve only heard great things from those who have spent some time there. Thanks for sharing with us and happy traveling!

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