The Product That Will Change Your Life!

Welcome back guys and gals, have I got the goods for you!!

IMG_1091For Christmas I was lucky enough to be bought an insane amount of brand new makeup brushes. Since then, I’ve been either putting them to good use and testing them or just letting my skin have a little break and not wearing any makeup at all. Today I decided to use one of my Christmas presents for the first time and do the dreaded makeup brush clean. I swear down, this is genuinely one of the best inventions known to mankind. It has revolutionised my life. The product i’m talking about is the Miracleaner makeup brush cleaner. You guys it is SO BOMB!!


Usually cleaning my brushes takes not only hours to clean but the drying time can be days on top. Because of this i’m probably a little bit lazier than I should be with regularly cleaning them. I mean I really push it. This makeup brush cleaner literally makes it sooooo easy. It comes with 8 different pipes to put on the end of your makeup brush, a makeup brush spinner, a water pot and a little bag for the electronic spinner. This machine is super easy to use. All you have to do is choose the right size pipe to fit your brushes and some of them are quite hard to fit in but I just forced mine in even if it looked like they wouldn’t fit. Attach it to your selected makeup brush and fill the water pot with some makeup brush cleanser.

IMG_1088I usually use the MAC one however because i’m a student and times are hard, I alternatively use Johnson’s baby shampoo. This shampoo is gentle to brushes and also smells amazing plus it’s cheaper so it’s a winner really. Once you’ve done this, dunk the brush into the pot for a couple of seconds to let it absorb the water and then press the on button. Gently lift the brush up and down in the pot and once you think it’s clean enough, lift the brush above the water but still in the pot. This step helps to dry the brush off and get rid of excess moisture. I swear down the brush is literally completely dry at the end of it.

I must say it averages about a minute per brush? something around that kind of time. HOW AMAZING IS THIS?!! On top of all of its greatness it’s literally so inexpensive. I’ve found the one I have on amazon for as little as £21.95!! Although there are some alternatives which are somehow even cheaper.  If you don’t invest in this product you are literally crazy!! When I attempt eyeshadow I tend to have a favourite blending brush that I like to use and none of my other brushes work as well. Because I can’t be bothered to get another one, I just spot clean it whenever i’m using it and sometimes it doesn’t get all of the pigment off so if i’m using darker colours they still show up once i’ve spot cleaned it and blend into colours I don’t want it to – (does that even make sense?). Now I can literally just have this by my side when i’m doing my makeup and give it a deep clean literally within a minute. I genuinely feel like this is God’s gift to the makeup world. The only downside is if you’re as lazy as I am and your makeup brushes are very very overdue you have to change the water pretty frequently but all you have to do is literally pour it out and refill it. It’s so easy.


Guys if you get this you will not regret it and also if you do purchase it please comment on how you found it and if you found it as life changing as I did. I know i’ve seen this online a couple of times and thought it was way too good to be true so I may be a bit late to the party but oh well.

Anyway, until next time you lovely lot!

Much Love,

Ken Xx

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20 thoughts on “The Product That Will Change Your Life!

  1. fashionhaus101 says:

    I used the Beauty Blender solid cleanser. Have you ever used that? If so, would you say this is better? I hate using standard soaps and shampoos, as they can potentially damage the actual brush.

    Great Post!


    • kennydeeee says:

      I’ve got the miniature solid cleanser that I got in a set but it just takes ages to get all of the foundation out. It’s a lot quicker for me when I use the shampoo plus it’s so much cheaper. As long as when you’re cleaning you don’t get the barrel wet it should be fine as when this happens it loosens the bristles and they fall out which damages your brushes. I only use baby shampoo because it’s a lot more gentle than standard shampoo’s. I’ve been using it for years on brushes that are like 5 years old and they’ve always been fine hun!
      Thank you for reading it my lovely Xx


  2. Rebecca Allatt says:

    Love the idea of this, anything to make the chore of cleaning your brushes easier! I dread doing it every week! x


    • kennydeeee says:

      Aww you angel! Thank you so much for the support. So glad you’re enjoying it so far. I’m still a bit new so I’m trying to grasp it still 😂 Xx


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