Uni Lookbook!

Hey guys!

This weeks post is going to be about what I typically wear in a week of uni. My style is generally very casual and comfy, especially for university. As I have 9 am classes twice a week, I often literally just throw on the warmest and cosiest outfit I can find and any form of style goes out the window. Anything for an extra half an hour in bed! I’m no fashionista but here are some ideas for those of you who like a more easy and minimal look.

  • Outfit 1


This is about as accessorised as I get. MOM jeans are actually such a staple in my wardrobe purely because they literally go with any jumper and it looks like you’ve made some form of an effort. It’s such a chilled and comfy kind of style which I like. Just pair it with a pair of trainers and a nice belt or scarf and you’re good to go.

– Jumper: Topshop (I couldn’t find the exact one but this is similar)

– Jeans: Topshop

-Scarf: Burberry 

– Belt: Gucci

– Shoes: Gucci 

  • Outfit 2


Through these winter months i’ve heavily relied on jogging bottoms. Not only are they comfy, they can be styled to make it look like you’ve actually put some thought into your outfit when you really haven’t so it’s kind of a winner. I styled these light camo print joggers with a knitted high neck cropped jumper. I finished this look with a pair of small hooped earrings and a pair of black converse. Depending on how much time I have, I would typically wear a bright red lip. I tend to wear a red lip in the day when my outfit is a bit bare and needs a pop of colour or if my makeup looks terrible and I want to distract people from noticing (lol).

– Jogging Bottoms: Missguided

– Cropped Knitted jumper: Missy Empire

– Earrings: Topshop

– Shoes: Converse

– Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo

  • Outfit 3


This chunky knitted turtle neck jumper is so thick and cosy. I just style this with the good old faithful black high waisted Joni jeans, a scarf and a pair of plimsols. There’s not really a lot to this outfit as you can see but with a bronzed makeup look and a nude lip it kind of just pulls the outfit together!

– Jumper: Topshop (I couldn’t find the exact one but this is similar)

– Jeans: Topshop

– Scarf: Burberry

– Shoes: Topshop

With all of these looks I just wear my black faux leather backpack which I use for uni and my black faux shearling biker jacket.

Hope you liked this post, If you have any suggestions for other posts you’d like to see please leave a comment below. Also, what kind of styles do you guys wear for uni?

See you next time!

Much Love,

Ken Xx

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13 thoughts on “Uni Lookbook!

  1. louiselovesx says:

    Thank you so much for following me and bringing me to your blog! It’s honestly amazing! I looove this outfits so much. I really struggle pulling outfits together that actually work but these are so nice. Also in love with the Gucci trainers. They’ve been on my wishlist for ages now but they’re so pretty! x


    • kennydeeee says:

      Aww you’re such a sweetheart 😇 I hate thinking of outfit choices. I’m more into doing my makeup so comfort for me is key 😂 These trainers have been a dream of mine for months, only issue is that I now don’t dare wear them ahah! Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment Xx


  2. alotonyourmind says:

    Always so stylish!! Each item complements the other so well and I love jumpers that can go with anything! Still so afraid to try mom jeans tho I don’t know why 😣😂 do you have any least favourite trends that are in fashion atm? Xx


    • kennydeeee says:

      Aw thanks sweetness! It took my ages to try mom jeans but I just bit the bullet and they’re just so easy to style with everything, I love them! Ermm I don’t really have a least favourite trend but my least favorite fashion item will always be flared jeans 😂🙅🏻‍♀️ just not for me Xx


      • alotonyourmind says:

        Ooh that’s it isn’t it – taking a risk!! I’ll have to try them sometime. Haha I can agree with that, could never do flared jeans! Each to their own 🙂 xx


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