Recent Makeup Purchases!

Hey guys!

With the weather in the UK being so cold and miserable at the moment, its definitely becoming a problem on my bank balance. I’ve got into a current habit of just binge watching friends surrounded by endless numbers of blankets and doing a good old online shop. The past couple of weeks I decided to reward my hard work of doing nothing by doing a makeup restock.



  • Base
  1. L.A Girl PRO.conceal HD High Definition Concealer £5

My absolute favourite part of makeup is base. Base makeup can literally make or break and makeup day. Because of this i’m constantly buying and trying new concealers and powders. This week I bought the L.A Girl PRO.conceal HD High Definition Concealer. I know i’m a little late on this bandwagon but I thought i’d still mention it. I was more after an everyday concealer because as much as I love the Urban Decay and Nars concealers my savings account defiantly doesn’t like them. Especially when they don’t last that long. These bargains are only £5 each. BUZZING. I’ve watched so many reviews on these but i’m not quite sure how I feel about them. I got the shades Light Ivory and Natural. They’re very yellow toned but luckily I quite like that in a concealer. I’ve only used them a couple of times but my initial thoughts are that it does cover dark circles which is what I need it to do but it’s not life changing. I will deffo continue using them for everyday ‘natural’ makeup but if I was going on a night out i’d probably opt for a thicker and more full coverage concealer as this is more light weight. These do blend really nicely though and they have a tone of colours and colour correcting ones. For £5 i’m not really complaining although i’m desperately hunting for the new revolution concealers which are apparently amazing, full coverage and only £4. So it depends on what you like!

2. RCMA Translucent Powder £13

IMG_1321When i’ve used the L.A Girl concealer i’ve used it with the RCMA Translucent Powder. I did actually buy the no colour powder first and didn’t really have much to say about it despite hearing really good reviews about it. Turns out I bought the wrong one. It’s the translucent one I wanted. I severely struggle with transfer of mascara, mostly on my bottom lashes. To attempt to stop this i’ve tried baking but not anything excessive! Just lightly. Usually even when I do this I still get a tiny bit of transfer but this powder does NOT budge at all. I put this on at 9 am and by 11pm my under-eye had not budged! This powder is super finely milled and has a natural flesh colouring which is perfect because it doesn’t have severe flashback. It’s quite lightweight and doesn’t make me feel like I have a crap tone of powder on or dry me out which I love. It claims to have an airbrushing effect and I think I could deffo agree with that. My makeup looked perfect from start to finish, to the point where even my boyfriend commented at how long it lasted! You get loads as well plus it’s only £13?!


  • Brows

3.  Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz £22

This isn’t much new as i’m on my 6th one. The thing that annoys me the most about pencils like this is how I never know when they’re going to run out so I like to buy a backup in case of an emergency. I love this pencil for the pure fact it’s so tiny so it’s easy to fill in all the sparse areas but it’s also super natural and great for everyday wear. I do have the Dipbrow as well but I only use that when I want a bolder brow. I got mine in the colour Medium Brown which doesn’t exactly match my hair colour but I like it to be a little lighter because for some reason I have super light eyebrows. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, i’ve heard great things about the Primark eyebrow pencils so go have a browse if you’re in the UK!


  • Eyes

4. NYX That’s The Point Eyeliner – Hella Fine £9.50

This eyeliner must be the thinnest tip i’ve ever seen in my life. It’s so dainty and small which is amazing for precision if you’re a bit sh*t like me! It doesn’t transfer which is fab as I can find some black eyeliners can pretty badly on oily eyelids like mine. The colour is also a true black which is also an essential for me. There’s not really a lot I can say about an eyeliner apart from it does the job very well. It’s so much easier to get the right shape and not cover half my eyelid attempting a cat-flick.

5. NYX Doll Eye Mascara £8

I’m not overly fussy on mascara as long as it lengthens and makes my lashes more voluminous! I bought this on a bit of a whim on the hunt to prevent my mascara transferring issues as this one is waterproof. When I paired this with the RCMA powder as I mentioned earlier it.did.not.budge!! HALLELUJAH. This has been an everlasting issue of mine and what’s more annoying is that people tend not to tell me when I look like i’ve had a wrestling match with the mascara because it’s all under my eyes. Long eyelash and oily skin problems. If anyone else struggles with this issue try this duo and see if it helps. I’d literally tried everything and this has been basically the only thing that fully prevented it. I only use this solely on my bottom lashes though and use the L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara for my top lashes.


6. Unicorn Lashes

I’m not really an eyelash lover. Perhaps because i’m awful applying them but I have fairly long lashes so I don’t usually bother but I was having a treat yourself kind of day and took the plunge anyway. I haven’t used these yet but my first thoughts are that they’re quite dramatic and long so if you do buy these be prepared to cut them down. They’re £10 each but claim to have 15- 20 uses in them so i’ll have to put that to the test!

Unicorn Flutter £10

These lashes were designed to add a voluminous and ‘enviable depth’ to any makeup look. They claim to be very light weight which is a plus for small eyes like mine. Don’t want to look like i’m constantly squinting haha. When I do glam up and go for lashes I always tend to go for the ‘V’ shaped design as it adds a lot of volume to the look and suits my eye-shape a lot more.


Bubble Pop £10

Again, I went for a maximum volume pair of lashes but these add a lot of definition by using varying lengths of individual lashes. They’re very dramatic and claim to have a thick, dark finish also. Can’t wait to try them out.


7. Doll Lash – Selena  £10

These lashes are very fluffy and bold. They’re apparently one of the brands best sellers so they’re sold out in most places at the moment which I didn’t know when I bought them. These are claimed to be very Hollywood glam which I haven’t really tried before as I usually go for more sultry lashes so hopefully they don’t overpower the look. I’m not too sure how many uses you can get out of these.




8. Violet Voss – Holy Grail Palette £43

I’ve saved the best until last. HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THIS PALETTE?! I literally don’t even want to use it, it’s that pretty. It has 20 shades of the most gorgeous colours ever. I bought this palette so I could experiment with some Valentine’s Day makeup looks which i’ll be posting in the upcoming weeks. The swatches are so pigmented so I literally can’t wait to try them out. They packing is a hard protective case so they apparently travel better which is great when travelling to and from home and Uni. If you have this palette comment below your fave shade and any makeup looks you’ve created with it. I feel like my 2 fave colours are Wine N Dine or How u Doin for sure.


If you have any makeup recommendations please let me know. I love trying new products or if you have any of the listed products, what do you think about them?

Until next time!

Much love,

Ken Xx

6 thoughts on “Recent Makeup Purchases!

  1. Rebecca Allatt says:

    So jealous of your haul 😍 I get on really well with the concealers! That palette looks so stunning as well as the lashes! Great post x


    • kennydeeee says:

      I had a little bit of a splurge ahah! I do like the concealers but they aren’t the best I’ve tried I think. I think it’s because I’m used to such a full coverage look🤔 still such a good value for money. I can’t stop just looking at the palette it’s so pretty. Thanks my lovely Xx


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