Classic Red Lip!

Hello guys and gals,

Since it’s the month of valentines, I thought what is valentines day without a bold and classic red lip?! I’ve searched through my lipstick collection to find the perfect red collection for you guys. For me, I usually style a bright red lip with an all black outfit or for those occasions for when my makeup is not cooperating and I need to use a bright colour to distract from the rest of my face lol. Lets get into it!


  1. MAC Ruby – Woo £16.50- This lipstick is literally my everything. My holy grail, my lifeline, true love. You name it. Such a universal red. This is a super matte lipstick though which is why some people aren’t a huge fan but to avoid this I just use a lip exfoliator and some lip-balm before I apply it and i’m good to go. If this doesn’t work for you, try swatching it on the back of your hand or blasting the hairdryer on the lipstick for a couple of seconds to warm up the product before using it and it will make it easier to apply. MAC actually came out with a Patrick Starr range which included ‘Patrick Woo’ which is nearly identical apart from the consistency is less matte. Because it is so long lasting, I rarely have to apply either which is a bonus because I hate reapplying makeup throughout the day or when i’m on a night out.
  2. Charlotte Tilbury – 1975 Red £24 – This was one of my first Charlotte Tilbury products and I can’t believe how nice this smells?!! Literally just sit smelling the lipstick after I apply it. Plus, how cute is the rose gold packaging. Living for it. This red is more of a coral red colour. It’s very summery which I love. It’s a super buttery consistency as well. It’s not as long lasting as Ruby woo but it’s still pretty long wearing i’d say, depending on what you’re eating/drinking. Annoyingly this is out of stock at the moment – Sorry guys.
  3. MAC – Russian Red £16.50– This was bought for me in a set for Christmas so the packaging is a little different to the standard lipstick. This red is a deeper, rich red. It is a no shine, matte finish and is super creamy. I love a MAC lipstick as you will see by the end of this post. I own over 20 over their lipsticks as of now however I do tend to forget which ones I have or where I put them and end up buying them multiple times by accident. Whoops. This red looks so nice with a vampy outfit as the colour is a little darker coloured red. Love love love.
  4. Kate Moss Rimmel – Shade 01 £5.49 – I’m still holding onto this lipstick from BACK IN THE DAY. At least 8 years strong. I used to use this lipstick when I danced in shows when I was at least 12 years old and it always served me well. However, for some reason with this lipstick no matter how much I do the suck the finger trick, it literally goes aaaaaall over my teeth which is super annoying. Plus, if you’re going on a first date perhaps maybe this isn’t the ideal lipstick but that may be just my experience so give it a try. The colour is gorgeous, it’s actually very similar to Russian Red but it is has a little more of a shine to it. Also, it’s £5.49 so you can’t really go wrong. I love a bargain.
  5. VIVA GLAM Rhianna (I think this is easier £16.50 or £17.50) – Again, this isn’t in stock. I think it’s because this one in particular is limited edition but I still wanted to include it because I love it. This shade is a bit similar to Ruby Woo but with a lot more of a shine finish. It’s nice a bold and I love the packaging! This has the most sheen-finish out of all of the lipsticks which, I still don’t know if i’m a true fan of but it’s nice to alternate sometimes. The wear on this lipstick isn’t the longest lasting or the most even so I do find I have to reapply quite a bit but it depends if you’re as lazy as me. Some people don’t mind!


These are my favourite red lipsticks out of my collection. I know there’s hundreds of other shades and brands out there but I only wanted to include the ones I truly love and have tried and tested. I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect red liquid lipstick. I haven’t found any i’m crazy about. The Kylie Lipkit red in the shade Mary Jo K for some reason flakes off my lips and reapplies horribly. Am I doing this wrong? If anyone has any tips on how to stop this, please help a girl out! Also, leave me some recommendations so I can have a try of some other brands!

That’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed the read!

Much Love,

Ken Xx

14 thoughts on “Classic Red Lip!

    • kennydeeee says:

      Thanks angel! Just so easy isn’t it and it helps me little semi put together when I look a bit rough😂.

      Thanks for reading lovely, you too xx


    • kennydeeee says:

      Agreed! I love them😇 however at the moment I kind of like using just their pro-Longwear lip liners by themselves as a lipstick Xx


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