LUSH Valentine’s Day Products!

Hi All,

As it’s soon approaching Valentine’s day, I thought i’d treat myself and buy myself a gift because why the hell not?! As it gets into the colder months, I always love baths. So over these past few months i’ve been rewarding myself for what little Uni work i’ve done, with a LUSH bath at any given opportunity. LUSH have released their Valentine’s day collection which i’m obviously living for. When I opened this box I felt like I’d walked into a rose garden. These products smell so fricking good and literally make my room smell like a LUSH store and I love it. This gift box is called ‘Love Hearts’ I believe but I can’t seem to find it anywhere online for some reason but I will link all of the products separately anyway. The set cost me around £24 pounds I think and came in this super cute gift box. The products included are:



Tisty Tosty Bath bomb £3.50: I feel like this bath bomb is essential to creating the ultimate princess bath. Not only does it make your bath bright pink, It includes actual rose buds inside it?!! So once you use it you’re surrounded by roses. HOW CUTE. This product contains Sicilian lemon oil, geranium and sensual jasmine and smells like an absolute dream. The perfect addition to a pamper night I think.


web_love_boat_bath_bomb_spring_2018.jpgLove Boat Bath Bomb £4.25: This has to be the cutest bath bomb ever. The little boat
shape is adorable. I love it! Another nice touch is that as you place it in the water it actually releases little tiny hearts and turns your bath a rosey pink/lilac colour. This one has more of a citrus scent so if that’s the kind of thing you’re into i’d deffo recommend this one. Although the scent is a little more subtle than the other products.


rose_bomb_shell_valentines_day_spring_2018Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb £4.50: This bath bomb is a rosey and floral kind of scent and again leaves your bath like a pink paradise! This one makes my skin so soft and smooth and makes me feel so relaxed. I love it. Plus, there’s a nice little surprise of petals inside so you quite literally feel like you’re bathing in a flower bed. What’s not to love?!


web_unicorn_horn_bubble_bar_valentines_day_ayr_2017Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar £4.50: This bubble bar is perfect for winding down before bed. It’s lavender scent is so relaxing and I always find I sleep so well when using lavender scented products before bed. Is it just me? This glittery gem leaves your bath looking a haven of all things unicorn and I love it. Again, makes my skin super smooth and is fairly long lasting. I’d say you get about 2-3 uses in each bar and it creates so many bubbles. Love it.

web_whole_lotta_love_bubble_bar_valentines_day_2017Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon £4.75: Right, HOW CUTE IS THIS BUBBLE BAR?! This bar contains both Shea butter and Murumuru Butter so it leaves the skin super moisturised which for a lazy gal like myself is a pure godsend. The scent is a super powerful floral colour which I can still smell even after getting out of the bath. If you’re into being in a pool of glittery pink relaxation, I feel this is the product for you.


Regardless of whether you’re spending V day with a valentine, a girlfriend or embracing the queen you are by yourself, a LUSH bath is the perfect addition to your valentine’s evening. If you haven’t yet, I’d go and check out their full range. There’s so many more products I haven’t had the chance to try but let me know if you have any favourites that you recommend, i’d love to give some others a try.

Thanks for reading my lovelies,

Much Love,

Ken Xx


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