What’s Inside My Travel Makeup Bag!

Hello you lovely lot!

Whilst i’m currently writing this I am packing for Amsterdam in the morning however, because I usually post on Wednesdays this post will be uploaded when i’m actually in Amsterdam. For once I am actually being pretty organised and having a planned post. I feel so accomplished. Anyway when I travel, the task that I typically dread is condensing the makeup collection so that it doesn’t make my suitcase over weight before I even add clothes. I find this so hard to do!! I’ve tried my very best to be strict and only use the products that i’ve been using on a daily basis. A lot of them i’m mentioned loads over the past couple of months already but I thought i’d still include them anyway.




I feel like we all know how creamy this product is. I love the feel of my skin when I use this stuff. I genuinely feel like it blurs my pores- which I know is obviously good considering that that’s it’s purpose lol.

I feel like this is SUCH an underrated foundation. I can’t recommend this product enough. I’ve used this for yeaaaars. It’s super full coverage, super thick and super cheap. My three favourite things. On a day to day basis I use about a pump of this and it covers my whole face and is still full coverage! I particularly love this stuff for a night out because when I cake this on it makes my skin look unreal! Sometimes I feel like full coverage foundation can look a bit flat and too matte so I actually like to mix in a liquid highlighter for a naturally dewy glow.

These drops are so pigmented and beautiful. I don’t typically use these as highlight all the time because I always forget to apply it before my powder and when I use liquid highlighters on top of powders they can sometimes take my foundation off. Annoying. I love mixing these drops in with foundation. It gives such a nice glow, especially on holiday with a nice tan.

As i’ve said on my blog before, I like this concealer for day to day use as it’s cheap and doesn’t run out quickly. I tend to find that my favourite concealers such as Urban Decay and NARS, they literally run out within a few weeks and they aren’t exactly the cheapest. I just needed a concealer that covered and stayed in place which is exactly what this does so I can’t really complain!

I bought this after watching a Jaclyn Hill video and loved it. It literally airbrushes your under-eye without that tight powdery feeling and it sets your concealer like concrete. I literally use it everyday and don’t see me stopping anytime soon!



I feel like most people have this bronzer and if you don’t already- what are you doing?! Go get it bought. It’s such a universal colour, suits all skin types, blends easily and can be used as both a bonzer or contour shade.

This blush just adds a natural flush of colour to your cheeks. It has a gentle highlight in it which makes your makeup all goddess like and glowy.

BECCA literally have the best highlighters ever. I freaking love them. Especially this shade. I have it in both the pressed powder and liquid highlighter and both are as equally beautiful as one another. Such a buildable, strong, blinding highlight.




This pencil is just so small and precise it’s super easy to fill my brows in when i’m in a rush and never seems to make my brows look too overdrawn. It’s super easy to blend out  and comes in so many shades. The only thing I dislike about products like this is when they’re a twisty pencil and you never know when it’ll run out. So I advise to buy 2 just as a backup!

This gel is great at setting your brows in place literally all day and picks up tiny hairs so that your brows look even fuller. This is great for me because I have such sparse brows and this really helps to shape them and help them stay in place all day long.




If you love true black and ‘spider leg’ lash like myself then I feel like you’d love this. I know that style isn’t everyones cup of tea but I personally love it. This mascara lengthens and helps give lots of volume to your lashes. To the point where my lashes nearly touch my brows.

I actually use two different mascaras because I really struggle with the mascara rubbing off under my eyes and making me look like a panda. So i’ve been trying out using a waterproof mascara and this issue has totally stopped!! It’s an issue that has annoyed me for years because you don’t tend to notice it’s happened until you get home and look in the mirror and look like the girl from the ring. If you have the same problem give this a go and let me know if this helped you to.

I don’t tend to wear eyeliner on a daily basis but it’s nice to be prepared. If I planned on doing an eyeshadow look whilst i’m away – which is pretty rare – i’d usually just take a Morphe palette such as the 35O 2 as it has all the basic shades and isn’t too big for your case. But when I do use eyeshadow I like to use a liner. This liner is so thin and precise it’s practically fool proof. It’s so hard to get it wrong when using this because the nib is so tiny. It is also a true black liner which is a blessing because I cannot stand those liners that are brand new but apply like they’re about to run out.


This is everything I packed in my makeup bag. What do you guys usually take with you? It was so hard to narrow it down. I usually take a 3 in 1 palette like the BECCA Sun chaser palette so I have bronzer, blush and highlight but just my luck, it shattered on the drive home from uni. Yay me.

Thanks for reading guys,

Much love,

Ken Xx

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