What’s Inside My Travel Makeup Bag!

Hello you lovely lot! Whilst i'm currently writing this I am packing for Amsterdam in the morning however, because I usually post on Wednesdays this post will be uploaded when i'm actually in Amsterdam. For once I am actually being pretty organised and having a planned post. I feel so accomplished. Anyway when I travel, … Continue reading What’s Inside My Travel Makeup Bag!

LUSH Valentine’s Day Products!

Hi All, As it's soon approaching Valentine's day, I thought i'd treat myself and buy myself a gift because why the hell not?! As it gets into the colder months, I always love baths. So over these past few months i've been rewarding myself for what little Uni work i've done, with a LUSH bath … Continue reading LUSH Valentine’s Day Products!

Classic Red Lip!

Hello guys and gals, Since it's the month of valentines, I thought what is valentines day without a bold and classic red lip?! I've searched through my lipstick collection to find the perfect red collection for you guys. For me, I usually style a bright red lip with an all black outfit or for those … Continue reading Classic Red Lip!