My Current Skin Care Routine!

Hello you lovely lot, Thought i'd do today's post based on my current skincare routine. Through recent years i've really really struggled with my skin. I felt so insecure with my acne and scars that I even resulted to wearing a full face of makeup on holiday to hide the condition of my skin. My … Continue reading My Current Skin Care Routine!

The Product That Will Change Your Life!

Welcome back guys and gals, have I got the goods for you!! For Christmas I was lucky enough to be bought an insane amount of brand new makeup brushes. Since then, I've been either putting them to good use and testing them or just letting my skin have a little break and not wearing any … Continue reading The Product That Will Change Your Life!

Thailand Travels

Hey guys, Thought i'd hit you up with a quick throwback to a Thailand trip I took last year. My family are actually over there now whilst the weather where I am right now is miserable so this little throwback Thursday segment has come just in time of a pick me up. Thailand is such … Continue reading Thailand Travels